The Artists Escape

The Artists Escapeartistsescape

The Artists Escape…

That phrase.

It is from a document that I’m translating.

Explaining. This document into another language and then I see this phrase.

Take a sketch pad and I can see this image, this moment where there are artists “escaping” under a moonlit sky.

Escaping from what ? Or from who ?

Are the artists the only ones that can escape ?

We call to the artist to help us to escape, to show us the way, but it is a way that even the artist cannot find.

Black Water, a song by Zarboth might talk of that.

Is the world in ruins ? Or is it our way of looking at the world that is broken ?

In fact the world may be in a better way than it ever was. People are living longer.

Why is it easier to believe that everything is getting worse and worse ?

While drawing I listened to music that could be the soundtrack to the life that we live, if that soundtrack could take in all of life, not just human life but the renewal of life, the cycle of life, the long view, the life that was there before we existed and will be there after we go, after we all go.

Our hope?

The artists escape.

PS: Very busy recently so I missed my weekly blog post. Sorry about that…