All That Was Left Was A Broken Bike

All That Was Left Was A Broken Bicycle
For He is Caring

All That Was Left Was A Broken Bike

Yesterday evening we were all sitting down to dinner in our apartment. My family and I heard a skid and a bang. We live on a busy Parisian road and there are often accidents and mishaps. Most of the time its nothing serious. Often it ends with a bit of a shouting match. Then both injured parties make their seperate ways, snarling at one another over their shoulders.

Not a great day.

I had not been having a great day. I had woken up in a bad mood. I was thinking of all the things I should be doing, as an artist, as an “interesting person”. I had spent the afternoon wandering around trying to get something for one of my children. I did not really have any “me” time. I had woken up late as well and then had to bring one child to one birthday party and another one here and so on and so forth.

I was having one of those days where you compare yourself with everyone and everything around you and you come up short. It is an ugly emotion and you measure it up in bitterness. It made no sense to me. The day before I had hoped to go out and see a friend launch his album but that plan had fallen by the wayside. And here on Saturday I could see my evening disappearing as well.

It put me in a bad mood. I asked myself “why bother living in Paris if you can never go out and enjoy the city?”
This may explain why I was in a bad mood…

The Bang

Then there was this bang. I looked out the window, a white car and a bicycle in the middle of the road. A cyclist had been hit by a car. The cyclist was standing so it didn’t look too bad. A young man was helping him. The cyclist himself was a young man. The driver was a young man too. In France, when you have an accident they get out a form that they fill out, each giving their version of the accident. The cyclist was not in a good way. They picked up the bicycle which was now in two pieces. I had not seen the accident. All I could see were three men around the cyclist. One of them seemed to be explaining everything to the cyclist. He had a large mobile phone and he was presumably calling the ambulance.

But, is the car OK?

Meanwhile, the driver of the little white car ran back and forth to his car. He got it off the road and parked it, then he looked at the front of the car, checking for damage where he had hit the cyclist. Everything must have been fine for his car : he could still drive it.

Then all the guys left except the original helpful young man who was with him right from the start. This all happened very quickly. I thought at first that the driver had gone to park the car. He had not. He never returned. None of the pushy young men with their phones returned. After they had left, the ambulance arrived.


Now, the cyclist, who had slumped to the ground, was surrounded by three ambulance men. They cut open his trousers. They put a special head brace around his head. I began to get worried for the poor cyclist. I began to wonder where the car had gone. They put the young cyclist onto a stretcher and pumped up a whole package around him. I imagine this was to get him to the hospital without getting too knocked around.

Good people and little problems

The first young man who had helped him right from the start was now filling out a form on the bonnet of a police car that had arrived. I was upset that I had not taken the licence plate of the car that had hit the cyclist. I began to think about my little problems and here was this cyclist on his way to his friends or who knows where, knocked down by these pushy people who had a such a busy important social life that they could not even wait to make sure that the cyclist that they had hit got proper medical care. I could not believe the erosion of the links between these humans.

Thankfully there was the young helpful man who had witnessed the accident and stayed there. As the seriousness of the situation became clear to him with the grave looks of the ambulance men he too became very upset. I have no idea what they said but I could read a lot of the body language from my window.

The first group, pushy, aggressive body language, worried only about themselves and clearly not the poor cyclist who slumped to the ground after they had left.

Going out on Saturday night

All of this to say, do whatever you like, you never know how so much can change in just one short instant. I can still see the young cyclists head, in a brace, surrounded by an inflatable protective cocoon, as they loaded him into the back of the ambulance. I could imagine him thinking of how he was supposed to go out on Saturday night.

The street was empty again. All that was left was a broken bike.

Other news

So, I was not in a great mood. I was doubting myself but then I was sent some of the latest recordings of Underpressure, the free rock group. Shortly after I received some recording of 11:11, another group I play in. These cheered me up.

Also Zarboth will be announcing dates (as soon as I finish the flyers!!!).

Have a good week and keep on making things.

To Dream You Have To Rest

To Dream You Have to Rest To Dream You Have To Rest, and last week I was resting on holiday- a short break with my family.

We packed in lots of activity on the short holiday and it was really great fun. In Ireland we say a change is as good as a rest and that is so true.

When you make art it is really easy to get into a rut.

You noticed, of course, that I didn’t do my weekly post… That was because I was taking a digital break as well.

So I’m trying out lots of new things at the moment, new approaches to writing, to drawing and to playing music. More on that very soon…


There are lots of dates with groups and different activities coming up. When I get confirmation on all of that I will announce them soon. Also there will soon be a “virtual album launch”… Watch this space…

Cover art

The image above is the image of three characters, three dream characters, I did it a good few months ago.

You can find all of these images here at this link.

Not much to say this weekend

I don’t really have much to say, its more work in progress at the moment…

Have a good week and make something!




Headless Office Worker Everyday Life

Headless Office Worker Everyday Life
Headless Office Worker

Headless Office Worker Everyday Life

Headless Office Worker Everyday Life and this is what this week was like…

Running around from one job to another, doing my best to finish off things. And then finally at the end of Sunday night one more thing on my to do list: write something that I did in relation to creativity. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but I have kept up this weekly thing publishing creative notes here on the website.

Maybe I should stop

It is that time when you do anything: maybe I should stop. And in reality you probably should. And still you continue on. So if there is an aspect that maybe you should, there is also an aspect that you should maybe continue as well. Nobody knows the answer to this one. It is easy to know it in hindsight.

It’s easier if you’re not an artist

These are some of the ideas that run through your head. Nobody knows this. I don’t know it. Maybe it’s easier being someone else. Maybe it isn’t. Sometimes it’s not really that easy being yourself. Who am I? I don’t know. Maybe I’m not an artist. So maybe that wouldn’t be that much easier. If I’m already not an artist, then what would be easier?

If you want to own something, give it away

So I’m thinking about this festival that we’re getting ready for, I mentioned it in last week’s post it’s called “Revons Rue” and it’s an association and they are organising this big parade and I’m going to be helping rappers who are going to be rapping in English. I’m looking forward to it, and I’m also trying to think what will I actually teach them. I teach a lot. I love teaching. One of the things I noticed with teaching is that if you want to know how to do something then you can teach it. So I’m hoping that I’ll learn about rapping once I start teaching! I’m thinking about all the aspects of using the voice that I do. The improvised aspects, the texture of the voice, the spoken aspect, the rhyming, the storytelling, the playing with words and most importantly of all the local aspect. Being yourself as you are (whoever that is!).

Bord Cadre

Bord cadre is the theme, and I think it means edge of the frame, the outsider, the side edge. It is also a wordplay on the “hors cadre” outside the frame… Being on the edge of who you are. You know who you are by the edges of yourself.

Too much time on social media

I don’t know who I am anymore. I don’t think I ever did. Maybe I look back and think I knew better. So I was looking today at that social media thing and at the moment it tells me what I was doing a year, two years ago, three years ago (four years already?). I don’t remember a lot of the things. So it threw up the watercolour above. This was part of a project with Hélène Letteron called Kiosk 63 and we did that over a year ago. So I was looking at that image and then I got an email from Underpressure and the first track from that session was this one of everyday life and working (in the link above).

This is messy

This post is not tidy. It doesn’t make sense. Its a way of saying to myself : keep on keeping on. I say it to myself but I say it to you too. Hopefully at the end of this messy process, if you follow these weekly posts, you’ll be able to look back and say yes that all started here.

If not I hope it gives you some ideas of your own. Underpressure is all improvised. We start playing. We don’t really talk about what we are doing. It’s messy too. Painting is messy. So many creative things are messy.

Accept the mess

That’s this weeks lesson: accept the mess. Sometimes to make things you have to do things that look, sound, smell terrible. That’s part of the game.

Have a good week, reader, whoever you are!!!

And make stuff!!!