Zarboth on the road (a little)

wolfmanphoto-2Zarboth on the road (a little)

This week Zarboth (Phil Reptil guitar and Etienne Gaillochet drums voice and myself on voice) are going to get in the truck again.

We are going to a place called Faux La Montagne to record music and play a concert and to make a short film. The short film will be based on one of our songs called Lost Song.

You can follow me on instagram or follow the group on facebook, you can do it here and here.

I make videos or take photos of us while we’re on tour discovering new parts of France. I think that the videos are funny but sometimes they’re not. Like in reality sometimes we just smile because we’re making a video.

So, expect regular updates about life in this part of France. I’ll be drawing and writing as much as possible.

Zarboth bandcamp

Onze Onze

We played a really cool gig at La Station, literally! It was 6 degrees. But the cold is all in your mind.

We’ve got a great set and you can get our album here

We’ll be playing other lives soon so watch this space.


Gigs coming up with Underpressure too so watch this space

That’s All Folks

Just keep creating!




Do You Remember?

doyourememberphotoDo you remember?

Do you spend time remembering? Or do you spend time dreaming about the future? In fear of the future and sad about your past? Or look to the future with happiness and remember the past fondly?

Little book of poetry

I picked up a little book of poems in a second hand store at the weekend. They say you should never judge a book by its cover, but I fell for this book straight away. It has a pink cover, with a tissue satin like embossed cover and it would easily fit in your pocket.

The book contains poems of love. The poems date from 1360s in old French. Of course, love is actually quite a modern concept. And the French invented that, or at least contributed to the idea of gallant love. All the notions of chivalry and the troubadours that sang about it were first in France.

Some of the poems are very ribald. Which is also very amusing. Funny to see how people were so direct sometimes in their approaches together. Thinking of the changes that have occured in the way we live together, the way we desire one another. The summer suddenly upon us and everyone dressed in their best summer clothes… In France, in Paris we have been having a spectacularly bad spell of weather.

Birds singing thousands of years ago.

For a country that invented courtesy, it’s good to remember that France wasn’t even France before. It’s even hard to believe that the art of chivalry was born in France when you’ve had to contend with some of the French shopkeepers here…

I was sitting in the French countryside reading these poems, drinking red wine. There was at last a little bit of sunshine. It was a beautiful moment. Dinner was going to be ready soon. Couscous and merguez.

I always feel privilieged when reading old poems. Its like a ghost has come to you, they step up to you and you travel through time. You’re whisked away. Taken away from your concerns and you see that other times and places had other worries and concerns or even similar ones but with different forms.

It is magical, a voice, has sat, and waited for you inside a book. Your eyes scan the page and you can hear this voice. This voice inside your head.

The birds sang around me, much like they had hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Other news

Onze Onze black n white logo

We have just released, independently, the first EP by Onze Onze. In this group I take care of the lyrics and I play a little bit of trumpet. You can listen to the EP on the link above. When I listen to this music I hear my voice and the lyrics and I understand them differently with the passing of time.

Ghost words, future ghosts

Your words are ghosts of the way you were and sometimes they tell you the way you will be as well. The word takes you out of the now and through recording it, whether that be written down or recorded, the word becomes something else.

All I can do is collect words in my nets, and try to say them as honestly as possible.

Nets on the metro

I often write on the metro in Paris and it is like having antennas, listening to little bits of conversations. You have to try to listen to yourself as well. To hear what is coming. So, here with Onze Onze you have a collection of 5 tracks.

If you like Onze Onze, we are a totally independent organisation and we appreciate any help you can give us. That can mean listening and sharing, telling people about us. Giving us hugs. If you want to know more about the group here are lots of our links:


Zarboth back in the saddle.

That is it- these are our last two dates… for the summer! Here they are and please let people you know that are nearby…

1 July 2016 @ Festival La Ferme à Melrand, 56310 Melrand, France

2 July 2016 @ Chez Lulu, 2 rue du pont golhen, 56230 Larré, France

That will be it for the summer, but more news about Zarboth shortly!

Apart from that?

Playing trumpet in the sun. Playing trumpet as the boat sinks…

Have a great week!



This is the weight of your love

This is the weight of your love, this is the weight of your love

What weight is your love? What part of you can be weighed? It cannot be seen, cannot be measured, you don’t know where it is in your body. It is not in your body. It is in your body and it is not in your body at the same time. This is the weight of your love.

Soundtrack: a disembodied voice, somebody you know, but not on the phone, the voice speaks to you, but it speaks to you like it speaks to you like it could speak to everyone.

The voice is weightless, she cannot hear you. You can hear her, but she cannot hear you. It is like the radio. Her voice is trembling. She shouldn’t have a trembling voice, because she has already been on the radio for a long time.

Don’t you know? Can’t hold

Don’t you know? your love

So I was looking for something, I can’t remember where I read it. I read too much, I read so much, bits and pieces everywhere, I read things here and there, I’m surrounded by millions of voices, clamouring for my attention.

I read this thing, about the weight of your love, lighter than a feather, you can never hold it, somebody told me about this love of yours.

Maybe it was something I told myself. Maybe I told myself this thing. Maybe that’s where I heard it.

“This is the true function of the love poem : to remind us of who we are, and who we are capable of being : while our everyday social roles define us as persons, love reminds us that we are also spirits.” John Burnside


Hold fast to dreams

For if dreams die

Life is a broken-winged bird

That cannot fly

Hold fast to dreams

For when dreams go

Life is a barren field

Frozen with snow.

Langston Hughes

Or this?

“The human race is filled with passion. And medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.”

Dead Poets Society


Just played a gig with Underpressure on Friday 12th February in a great local bar- the Moki bar- I’ve always dreamt about playing gigs like that : local, in your neighbourhood, and we played two sets. (not like rock, not like electro… two sets is jazz!)I’ve got this new song I’m writing called Renew. I’ve written a couple of lines in my notebook. The rest I improvise. So the day after the gig I started work on a project, with Ze Samba, an association that play afro- brazilian music and develop social links in St Ouen and we’ll be working together over the next few weeks, to prepare a festival street parade. Our first meeting with them was an informal jam session (Etienne Gaillochet the drummer from Zarboth and Benoit Bouliane the bassist from Underpressure and myself). Here are some photos by Sophie Madigand

Ze Samba Benoit Bouliane with Ze Sambaetienne gailochet with ze sambaze samba IMG_3658So, I tried out that new song there as well. The whole thing is drum heavy. It was cool. This is going to be interesting. Looking at the photos I badly need a haircut as well.

I am going to be give people classes in rap. I am interested in telling stories about life, about what we can see and what we can’t see…

About the process.

More to come…