Busy busy busy in the bus

Busy busy busy in the bus

In the bus with Zarboth

Touring with Zarboth (Phil Reptil and Etienne Gaillochet) at the moment

Having some very funny times and conversations.

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Driving in the bus, the three of us, the return conversation from the Smöll Festivöll, was around the idea of the uniformisation of cultural projects and the difficulty to be original in today’s world, when everybody already knows what they want… Although for most of that conversation the drummer was sound asleep…

IMG_2285 IMG_2306 IMG_2307 IMG_2308 IMG_2326


We play at the weekends and then during the week we do our day jobs, spend time with our family and friends. This is a great experience for all of us. We’re doing this as independent artists. We’re meeting great people from all over France. It’s all in the middle now so I’ll come back and talk about it more.

We meet the organisers, different teams that help set up the concerts, different rooms, different publics, other musicians.

It is a great time to play music.

Not only that but we get to see different parts of France. Wines, local products, different ways of doing things, different expressions and words.

We get better

And of course, the music is getting better and better- and I’m saying that as objectively as I can! But the songs are now like really comfortable clothes that you put on. Even though some people might find Zarboth’s music strange, it is really becoming very fluid…

Other news

11:11 the project with Mathieu Autin and Gabriel Geurin, we’ll soon bring out an EP- watch this space but we hope to get it to you soon so you’ll be able to make it into your summer hit!!!

Watch this space!

go to http://zarboth.com/ to know about dates…

and as always if you want to listen to or buy the album:


Have a good week.

Back Again but Gone

zarboth flyer 14 may 2016


Back Again but Gone again almost as quickly…

Busy, busy, busy.

Things are very busy right now and two weeks now have come around and I posted nothing. Mea culpa!

So sorry about that. The reasons for this busy-ness will now be a little more obvious. A tour with Zarboth, tracks coming to completion with 11:11, and also just life in general… Life calling out to be lived! Life away from the computer screen and away from the cyber shine.

On the road…

Tomorrow I’m going on tour with Zarboth. We’re all really looking forward to getting out there and bringing this new album on the road.

Here is our tour:

Zarboth on the road ★
:: 03.05 :: L’Usine, Geneve (ch) – w/ White Wine Music
:: 04.05 :: La Source Fontaine (38) – w/ Pixvae
:: 05.05 :: Le Brinc de Zinc – Chambéry (73) – w/ we are the incredible noise
:: 06.05 :: Le Saint-Antoine,macon (71)
:: 14.05 :: L’Alimentation Générale – Paris (75)
:: 20.05 :: Smöll Festivöl – Saint Lumine de Clisson (44)
:: 01.06 :: Le Conseil Général – Tulle (19) – w/ Diallèle
:: 02.06 :: Le Magasin Général – Tarnac (19)
:: 03.06 :: L’Atelier Royère de Vassivière (23)
:: 04.06 :: Le Café du Commerce – Treignac (19)

Zarboth playing live:

Keep in Touch

I’ll try to keep you informed of life on the road with Zarboth- but make sure to get in touch with us! If you know anybody who lives in those areas and who you think would like our show, get in touch! We like to share our music.

Reverse Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding really seems to be the choice for everybody that wants to bring an original idea into existence.

In Zarboth it’s a little different. The album already exists (containing artwork by yours truly) but we still really need to sell as many as possible.

You can get your copy here, or you can get a copy for someone else…

This is independent music, we need your help to exist…

Another star gone

I was a big fan of Prince. I was really surprised to see him disappear so suddenly. Listening to all his music, I went back to that time, when I discovered his music for the first time.

I admire the choices he made about music and independent production.

Try and see as much live music as you can!

This post is full of Zarboth! I am bringing together all the things I need for my journey!

Drawn on 11th January 2016

The Power of the Word

I always love watching the words you write as they become songs. Then they are recorded and then the words carry you to different places. Then when you stop playing them the things that you make stop existing. Then you make a recording. Now, when someone listens to the recording, or reads the text, or looks at the image, it comes back to life. A sort of life.

Deep concentration (sleep)
Deep concentration (sleep)


Words, words, words



Under the Radar

Under the Radar

And I quote: History of the phrase; Prior to electronic counter measures, military aircraft would fly beneath the Radio Detection and Ranging (RADAR) in order not to be detected by enemy forces. This term started out as a military phrase in the 1950’s. Source: http://www.urbandictionary.com

Under the Radar

This is a feeling that I have a lot as an artist. Fame and art. Being part of the underground.

Stay under the radar. Stay on the edge. Being on the edge.

I work with a lot of different people. In the last week I was working with a business woman. I could tell that she was a killer- one of those great business people, really driven and efficient. We began talking about vision. She told me something that I think all of us already know : the old ways of doing things do not work anymore. What is needed now are people who think differently. That there needs to be new ways of doing things. There is no longer any long term vision for any businesses now. What is needed now is flexibilty, ability to change.

Nobody controls anything. You have to let go.

So what does that mean to be under the radar ? It means that you are flying low to attack your enemy. I think of the underground. I think of the freedom that a lot of artists that I know have.


photo 5

We are all flying under the radar. At the moment there is a state of emergency in France. Nobody wants to appear on the radar. Then we become an easy target. People are trying to imagine other spaces. People are trying to imagine other ways to do things. There is a general feeling that people are fed up with the old way of doing things.

It sounds big and complicated but it can be through very small things that you start doing new things.


Small changes at the beginning of a rocket’s trajectory become huge ones towards the end.

child's playAs an artist we can be lucky that we still have some control over our own trajectories. The old models (that were very prevalent in France before) big companies, big business no longer work the way they used to. Everybody is searching for what works.

So we all believe in the outsider having a chance. However, being under the radar is not only about someday, maybe, being “discovered”.

It can be about remaining under the radar, unseen. Staying on the edge.

Waiting. And most of all existing. Doing your thing because that is what you like. Flying low close to the sea, looking at yourself in the mirror.

Don’t get me wrong : it is not because you are undiscovered that you have more integrity. The time may come that you will be hauled into the glaring neon, the intrusive spotlight, and you’ll stammer and sell yourself down the river.

A lot of our work, of our pieces, come from under our own personal radars : our own radars of control. It is not external things but our own inner workings that we don’t let fly out. Luckily sometimes we do. Recently despite myself I’ve been letting things through my own radar. And some of it is so great. It is scary. I don’t recognise it.

I’ll be sharing some of this soon.

Goto work

going to work

Short version : break out of your own recurrent patterns and ways of doing things. Change yourself and you change the world.

Have a good week and keep making things and connections.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Can you? Everyday? What do you see? What would you like to see?

P.S. Please buy the Zarboth album – those of you who have not and would like to buy it you can get a copy here: Zarboth