Draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere

Draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere : I draw, I draw everywhere, I try to do it, to do it everywhere

Just sitting on the metro, drawing. Drawing in Paris on the metro has gotten strange.I always have my notebook with me so I can draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere!

It’s as if people can feel like a drawing could be dangerous. The drawing might get them into trouble or they might see something they don’t want to see. Not everyone agrees on this. Some people say they feel no different on the metro or in the street then before. But we all have a feeling of before. You see the world as you are I suppose.

I’ve been drawing for a long time on the metro. I draw people or ideas. I write lyrics. Sometimes I feel like I pick up things from the people around me (living or dead- or zombies ! That’s what it feels like in the rush hour sometimes…). I think you should always have a notebook on you. To capture whatever ideas are going through your head, or your body.

Ideas go through your body

Sometimes ideas are not going through your head. They go through different parts of your body.

It can be a feel or a physical gesture, I’m thinking of music, like a groove, or a certain effect that gives a certain colour or atmosphere.

¡¡11.11 live!!

Next week on Thursday I’m doing the first live show with 11.11 a new electro pop group that I play with. We have gone through many different ways of making this music. I go in with lyrics and Gabriel and Mathieu have music. Sometimes we get ideas from improvising. Sometimes I use bits of my lyrics from my notebooks. Some of the music we don’t even know what it is. It just feels good. Sometimes we think of images.We just do different things and then we listen back and see what works. We try to do it again, or recreate that feel.

If you’re in Paris come and check it out, it’s free… here’s the link to the venue :

Mains d’Oeuvres concert

This is where we are in residency, so it’ll be like playing at home.

We threw up a track on soundcloud, it’s a cover version, it’s Dream Baby Dream by Suicide.

dream baby dream by 11.11

Doing this song was interesting for us. They just repeat the same lyrics for nearly the wholoe song. And that is what makes it amazing. There is a drawing of a flower on our version there and this is something that we’re talking about in 11.11, these “simple” things…

I’m drawing a lot at the moment, it’s a way of taking notes. Seeing the world around us. Imagining other worlds.

Here are some selections : Draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere photo 2

Draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere

I think everyone should draw all the time, everyday. A couple of times.

Give yourself the freedom to draw badly. Tomorrow you might be dead ! And then it’ll be too late. There is so much crap in the world, impersonal, glossy, superficial crap. Looking perfect. Complete shit. So you know you might as well make your own shit…

That goes for all forms of art. Do what you want to do.

Failing to Fail

Resurrection of Lazarus Failing to Fail
Resurrection of Lazarus, by Duccio di Buoninsegna, circa 1308.

Failing to fail.

Making art? There are parts that you can talk about and there are parts that you cannot talk about.

It’s nice to think about artists that make only art but in my experience artists have to do many different things.

I read a quote today, Monday, 11 January 2016:

“I’m a writer … I really wouldn’t like to make singing a full-time occupation.” David Bowie, Melody Maker, 1969

This is something that I think is important when you are an artist.

To experiment with many different things.

Inspirations come from differerent places.

Blackstarskull Failing to Fail
Drawn on 11th January 2016

Here is a drawing I did earlier today… Bowie is interesting as an artist in all the ways that he stole… (“Good artists copy, great artists steal” Picasso)

Bowie is an example of that type of artist that takes his ideas from everywhere and everything. On his last album Blackstar, he has one tune based on a 17th century play, another that uses elements of nasdat (Anthony Burgess) and perhaps namechecks 1984 (Chestnut Café). He claimed that he was inspired by Kanye West and Deathgrips for this album.

That’s Bowie.

But you know what ?

Everyone should do that. Everybody can do that.

In the video for Lazarus (the story about a man who was ressurected from the dead by Jesus, the reason why the Sanhedrin decided that Jesus had to die…) you can see Bowie writing, almost like a Buster Keaton actor (Bowie began as a mime artist) and underneath the table, there is a woman.

I wondered about the woman. She reminds me of the muse. She makes Bowie do what she wants at certain moments. You can feel time is running out and Bowie is acting the writer who is looking for inspiration.

He is like an old fashioned actor. In the old way when we looked for inspiration, we expected it to come from elsewhere.We asked the Muses to give us inspiration.

So during this month I’ll try and explain some of the ways I get inspiration. Also there are very different cultural approaches to the ideas of originality.

On this day when everyone is saluting and celebrating an artist it is interesting to look at what it is that he did that you can do : take risks, experiment, wear masks.

Derniere Importation Failing to Fail
Derniere Importation

On the 28th of January 2016, I’ll be doing a concert with 11:11. Before that with the group I’ll be creating a visual identity for the concert, maybe for the group… I’ll show you the work in progress as the month progresses…

I don’t really know but we’ll be making it.

The concert is in Mains d’Oeuvres in St. Ouen. Hope you can come and see the end result…