Samhain at CCI : Hallowe’en Night

samhain flyer Dans la mythologie celtique irlandaise, « Samhain » marque l’arrivée de la saison sombre ; c’est une célébration de la Mort au cours de laquelle les fées, les gnomes et les morts peuvent revenir dans le monde des vivants.
Venez le fêter avec nous au Centre Culturel Irlandais. Venez déguisé, non seulement il y a des prix mais en plus vous serez protégé contre les esprits maléfiques et malfaisants…
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Des boissons (du sang), des jeux, de la musique, des contes par l’excellent conteur irlandais Eddie Lenihan, conference degringolant de Macdara Smith et cris d’angoisse de June McGrane et le groupe free rock Underpressure ainsi que d’autres artistes…
Toute personne venant recevra aussi une fanzine concocté par Macdara Smith contenant des copies de ses dessins et quelques explications sur comment bien fêter Halloween.

If you’re in Paris for Halloween I’ll be hosting an evening in the Centre Culturel Irlandais. You need to get dressed up in your best zombie/ vampire/ horror attire. Not only will there be prizes but also you will be protected from any evil spirits or tricksters. At worst if you’re not protected nobody will recognise you if you’re in fancy dress…

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Also included in your price is a special fanzine designed by yours truly with drawings by me and some special notes on how to celebrate Halloween… Mwuah mwuah hah…


Samhain-Centre Culturel Irlandais-31102015

"I work in real estate"
“I work in real estate”

On the 31st of October 2015, there will be a special evening in the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris. It is Samhain, the beginning of winter for the Celts, when the ground opens and the spirits from the other side walk amongst the living. Come and celebrate Halloween with us. Safety in numbers. There will be performance, music with Underpressure and June McGrane, strange rituals, games and great storytelling by Eddie Lenihan, one of Ireland’s greatest seanchais. You can reserve your place here: Samhain at the CCI

I will explain the inspiration behind my Voices From The Other Side series.
In the run up and the preparation for the evening I am involved in Drawloween, where I will be publishing a Halloween drawing on my Instagram account everyday.

Come play with us for ever, and ever, and ever…

Recording with Zarboth

  • Zarboth in Studio Nibiru, recording Day 1

Macdara Smith is currently recording in Studio Nibiru with Zarboth, guitar (Phil Reptil) drums (Etienne Gaillochet) duo, mutant rock, you can listen here:

Macdara is rapping, playing trumpet and basically refining visions from 9 years ago. The lyrics are from poems and drawings and you can see some of them in the slider above.

These visions of the future and the present, though bleak, do offer hope… If we act now we can change the future.