Draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere

Draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere : I draw, I draw everywhere, I try to do it, to do it everywhere

Just sitting on the metro, drawing. Drawing in Paris on the metro has gotten strange.I always have my notebook with me so I can draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere!

It’s as if people can feel like a drawing could be dangerous. The drawing might get them into trouble or they might see something they don’t want to see. Not everyone agrees on this. Some people say they feel no different on the metro or in the street then before. But we all have a feeling of before. You see the world as you are I suppose.

I’ve been drawing for a long time on the metro. I draw people or ideas. I write lyrics. Sometimes I feel like I pick up things from the people around me (living or dead- or zombies ! That’s what it feels like in the rush hour sometimes…). I think you should always have a notebook on you. To capture whatever ideas are going through your head, or your body.

Ideas go through your body

Sometimes ideas are not going through your head. They go through different parts of your body.

It can be a feel or a physical gesture, I’m thinking of music, like a groove, or a certain effect that gives a certain colour or atmosphere.

¡¡11.11 live!!

Next week on Thursday I’m doing the first live show with 11.11 a new electro pop group that I play with. We have gone through many different ways of making this music. I go in with lyrics and Gabriel and Mathieu have music. Sometimes we get ideas from improvising. Sometimes I use bits of my lyrics from my notebooks. Some of the music we don’t even know what it is. It just feels good. Sometimes we think of images.We just do different things and then we listen back and see what works. We try to do it again, or recreate that feel.

If you’re in Paris come and check it out, it’s free… here’s the link to the venue :

Mains d’Oeuvres concert

This is where we are in residency, so it’ll be like playing at home.

We threw up a track on soundcloud, it’s a cover version, it’s Dream Baby Dream by Suicide.

dream baby dream by 11.11

Doing this song was interesting for us. They just repeat the same lyrics for nearly the wholoe song. And that is what makes it amazing. There is a drawing of a flower on our version there and this is something that we’re talking about in 11.11, these “simple” things…

I’m drawing a lot at the moment, it’s a way of taking notes. Seeing the world around us. Imagining other worlds.

Here are some selections : Draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere photo 2

Draw, draw everywhere, do it, do it everywhere

I think everyone should draw all the time, everyday. A couple of times.

Give yourself the freedom to draw badly. Tomorrow you might be dead ! And then it’ll be too late. There is so much crap in the world, impersonal, glossy, superficial crap. Looking perfect. Complete shit. So you know you might as well make your own shit…

That goes for all forms of art. Do what you want to do.

fail 2016 means succeed 2016

fail 2016 means succeed 2016

To create you have to fail, fail 2016 means succeed 2016!

To create you have to fail. This is 2016. Fail 2016 means succeed 2016?

Time to create the uncreated. To create you have to fail. I set out to fail really well this year … and here are some of the ways I am going to do it. I set out to succeed: the ways I intend to do that are exactly the same.

This post is a perfect example! I put it up last night and then it disappeared! So fail spectacularly because you’re taking risks. And maybe you’ll succeed.

Here are some of the ways you’ll be able to watch me failing:


An electro group I’ve been playing with for nearly a year with Gabriel Guerin and Mathieu Autin. Live shows coming so watch this space!


“There’s No Devils at All, it’s Just the System” the third album by Zarboth and where I am a special guest came out on Friday the 13th November 2015. Yes, that Friday. Its weird in -your -face rock will be playing around France and the universe. The album artwork is by yours truly.

Zarboth website

Voices from the Other Side

Speaking of artwork, I will bring together my drawings in a small pocket sized book. You will be able to walk around with this book in your possession. The form for acquiring it has to be defined. A perfomance, a conference, a meeting? You can see the kind of images that it will contain here:

Macdara Smith on Instagram

Welcome to my Studio*

Finally my main resolution : post every week observations and notes about my creative activity on this website. In other words you will be able to come into my studio* and the non-stop party that this is my life. This will be to allow you all to create your own work, to have a laugh, to sigh, to get jealous (maybe) but most of all it will make you want to make you do your own stuff.

I’ll share links to other sites that have similar approaches.

*studio : a sketchpad, the corner of a table, the back of a cardboard box… whatever I have to hand.

Fail better, fail often

I’ll think of some other ways to try failing. And I’ll tell you about it very quickly…