Here, come here Profane no 4

Here, come here Profane no 4 …


If you are in Paris and would like to be at the launch of the magazine Profane and its fourth issue, please come along to Le Cœur Gallery for the the opening and launch. I was very pleased to be invited to take part and I did some drawings for this issue of Profane…

If you’d like to come to the gallery Le Cœur, here are the details: 83 rue de Turenne 75003 Paris at 6 pm on Friday 19th of May…


See you there!

PS: As always the new EP by Onze Onze

You can listen here and buy here

To Dream You Have To Rest

To Dream You Have to Rest To Dream You Have To Rest, and last week I was resting on holiday- a short break with my family.

We packed in lots of activity on the short holiday and it was really great fun. In Ireland we say a change is as good as a rest and that is so true.

When you make art it is really easy to get into a rut.

You noticed, of course, that I didn’t do my weekly post… That was because I was taking a digital break as well.

So I’m trying out lots of new things at the moment, new approaches to writing, to drawing and to playing music. More on that very soon…


There are lots of dates with groups and different activities coming up. When I get confirmation on all of that I will announce them soon. Also there will soon be a “virtual album launch”… Watch this space…

Cover art

The image above is the image of three characters, three dream characters, I did it a good few months ago.

You can find all of these images here at this link.

Not much to say this weekend

I don’t really have much to say, its more work in progress at the moment…

Have a good week and make something!




Songs Stories Shared

Songs Stories Shared

Why is it that we share stories and songs?

I think that we are designed to be creative, designed to share what we make. There are parts of us that fight to survive, but there are also parts that have to make sense of the world that we live in. These parts make songs, make stories.

We can see the world as a place that makes no sense at all: even that is a story!

Here is an example of a fanzine I made a couple of years ago when I did a performance talking about Songs and Stories. It was called Songs + Stories Shared.

Songs+Stories SharedI did the performance with Mathieu Autin and Ben Raymond. We made some new tunes. I played last Thursday with Mathieu with the group 11:11 (you can listen to a track here: 11:11 ). Mathieu played with Ben on Saturday, with Vox Low 

There are so many connections around us. In that booklet I told the story of Eddie Lenihan, the Irish storyteller, the seanachai, and how he managed to stop the road builders tearing up a very special old fairy thorn bush in Ireland. I always hoped to meet him one day. I thought I’d meet him in Ireland. In the end I actually met Eddie Lenihan when he came over to the Irish Cultural Centre in Paris.

All I’m saying is, or maybe my story is, about the strange connections in life… You never know what will happen in the future…

Maybe that is why we know it is important to share songs and stories. To truly own something you give it away. What use would a story be if you kept it to yourself? And a song if never shared? John Berger talks about songs here in a very interesting way. How songs are about loss and by sharing them you don’t feel as bad.

Maybe that is what I have done with this ‘story’…