Let’s Start A Fire!


Let’s start a fire !

A year ago today there were terrible attacks in the Bataclan in Paris. I went out earlier this evening in Paris, in my neighbourhood and I saw people putting out candles to remember the victims. It’s a nice, quiet gesture. We do it at Halloween too with the pumpkins carved out, a way to remember the dead.I saw those candles and the spark of hope and I thought “let’s start a fire!”

A fire of imagination and doing new things, exploring new ways, being new lights in the darkness.

One year already and terrible things have happened all over the world but great things have happened too. Maybe you met a new lover, you started a great new job, you won the lottery…

Mixed Feelings

I have mixed feelings about this day because this is also the day that our album came out with Zarboth, “There’s No Devils At All, it’s Just the System”. The album and the songs that I did on it there were imagined as a post apocalyptic vision quest.

Imagination is a powerful thing. I always tell my children to keep their imagination bright. Do not give into to the ambient despair. Don’t let the terrorists and the scaremongers get in there… Don’t let the bastards get you down !

New Music

The new music I’m writing with Onze Onze, Zarboth and Underpressure tries to reflect that. Not in some sort of everything is cool namby pamby way but with grit and determintation. Life is hard, pain is inevitable but suffering is your choice (to paraphrase Murakami from What We Talk About When We Talk About Running)

Imagination : Image Nation 

Last week Trump became the President of the United States- who could have imagined that ?

Truth really is stranger than fiction. I’m not going into a long diatribe about what I think of the President (not much) but we need to use our imagination to explore new worlds- to explore new ways of speaking with each other, of disagreeing with each other. Imagination seems to be the only true freedom a lot of us have now !

Forget candles, start a fire ! Go inside and look for the flame ! From their set yourself on fire…Right now I’ll put my candle out at the window anyway… Keep the flame alive…

(to be done at home under adult supervision)

Zarboth “There’s No Devils At All, it’s Just the System”

Next gig in Paris with Zarboth in l’Alimentation Générale, Saturday 19th November 2016


I Have These Visions, I Have These Visions Every Day and Every Night

I Have These Visions, I Have These Visions Every Day and Every Night

I Have These Visions, I Have These Visions Every Day and Every Night but having them you never know how they will be used.

Right now I am in the middle of writing new things, trying to get new things ready and really it’s like fumbling in the dark. I don’t know where I am going, I don’t know where I’ve been… Plus I’m really busy. So I was looking back over my work and I thought it was funny to see this drawing in there:

I Have These Visions, I Have These Visions Every Day and Every Night
I Have These Visions

Funny because I’m singing a song at the moment, and I use those words. I did this drawing even before the group of music existed.

I’ve been looking at people who make how to videos (yes of course the funny one that’s NSFW (all depending on the work you do…))  but also ones that show you how to cross hatch etc.

So it got me to thinking about how would I make a video of how to write a song. I haven’t made the video yet but I will do soon. So I’m looking at my process a little more.

I was rehearsing with a group recently and I was improvising on a groove that they had just made up, and I took out my notebook and I just started throwing words out, to see what stuck. This was part of the process.

I thought about it afterwards. Those words that I was using as a springboard, were words that I had written on the métro. So how would I make a film of how I make songs? Or other aspects of my art. I never really think that the artist makes all his art at the time he makes it- that is to say, he makes more art away from the art.

Debate, huh?

Watch this space for the video and more questions about what creativity is…