Eat the good, hate the bad

onzeonzeminiflashEat the good, hate the bad

It’s never enough

From the Yellow EP by Onze Onze. Onze Onze is a trio based in Paris. I take care of the singing, lyrics and trumpet. Mathieu Autin is the drummer, the pulse and Gabriel Guerin does the keyboards and general electronic wizardry.

It’s never enough but just as good as you can is good enough.

It is 11:11 as I write this. Have a good day.

Soon onze onze

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The number 11

If you know me, you know that I like the number 11…

And I also play in an pop electro group called onze onze.

We’re about to release some of our music… So watch this space…

Other news

Zarboth has two more dates coming up…

1 July 2016 @ Festival La Ferme à Melrand, 56310 Melrand, France

2 July 2016 @ Chez Lulu, 2 rue du pont golhen, 56230 Larré, France

So if you’re around and want to participate…

We’re back from Treignac, Tarnac, Tulle and Royère de Vassivière.

We got back late on Sunday so that is why I am not publishing every week at the moment…

That’s my excuse!

Have a good week and stop worrying about being perfect…