I am very irregular. Instead nearly everyday I put up a drawing on Instagram – you can see my account here on Instagram
From there I share to other platforms. I enjoy doing it, it’s like a fake deadline or an obligation. I will collect all the drawings by themes and make a book. 

However I wonder about who really benefits from this “sharing” … I don’t know if I have learned anything from the experience. I can see that people like some images more than others but it doesn’t tell me that those are the best images …

Certain images look good on certain social platforms. Also a certain type of art seems to be very popular. I have no answers to these questions, these are simply remarks.  

The images I share at the moment of a fox that is partly human are clearly autobiographical. And yet it is not me. Clearly it is not me. 

Still people persist in thinking that because I draw foxes at the moment I am a fox… 

Part of the reason I draw is to preserve a moment and also to escape a moment. The fox is just one in a long line of escape techniques. 

Escape into dreams … 

Looking back on performance

4. tempsLooking back on performance, I just spent the last two days going back over work that I’ve done and especially concentrating on performance pieces. A lot of the work that I have done has been in performance art.

I do not put much about it on this site because I feel that “you really have to be there”.

However over the next few weeks I will try to document as much as I can and share different parts of this thing that I do with you.

It has all been sparked off by some students of mine asking  how do you do performance art? So I am trying to show them ways to do “performance art”.

The short answer? There is no way to do performance art. It is really just a way of doing things, a gesture and sometimes needing the public there as a witness. It is mediocrity and anti technique. And it is the opposite. It is anything and/ but it escapes definition.

The only things that seem to be constant are space and time. You could add in gravity and human beings as well. But I’m sure there are ways of doing performance art with animals (cf. Laurie Anderson’s Music for Dogs) and maybe, performance art only exists in this multiverse.

Or maybe all of us are doing performances in this reality.Here is me performing as an artist in my workspace.

Macdara Smith in his workspace. Photo: Thomas Sappe
Macdara Smith in his workspace. Photo: Thomas Sappe

Performance art can be incredibly rewarding both to the people who witness it and those who do it. It can also be a horrible failure because it promises so much. And fails to deliver. That risk is what is at the heart of performance art and its promise of freedom. In dark times! Ha. Ha. Ha.

These are the aspects of performance that are so fascinating. The freedom of it. This approach informs a lot of my other work. And my other work helps when I do performance as well.

So, now you know how to do it- do performance art today!

Busy busy busy in the bus

Busy busy busy in the bus

In the bus with Zarboth

Touring with Zarboth (Phil Reptil and Etienne Gaillochet) at the moment

Having some very funny times and conversations.

If you want to know or hear some of these conversations it’s best to follow me on

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Driving in the bus, the three of us, the return conversation from the Smöll Festivöll, was around the idea of the uniformisation of cultural projects and the difficulty to be original in today’s world, when everybody already knows what they want… Although for most of that conversation the drummer was sound asleep…

IMG_2285 IMG_2306 IMG_2307 IMG_2308 IMG_2326


We play at the weekends and then during the week we do our day jobs, spend time with our family and friends. This is a great experience for all of us. We’re doing this as independent artists. We’re meeting great people from all over France. It’s all in the middle now so I’ll come back and talk about it more.

We meet the organisers, different teams that help set up the concerts, different rooms, different publics, other musicians.

It is a great time to play music.

Not only that but we get to see different parts of France. Wines, local products, different ways of doing things, different expressions and words.

We get better

And of course, the music is getting better and better- and I’m saying that as objectively as I can! But the songs are now like really comfortable clothes that you put on. Even though some people might find Zarboth’s music strange, it is really becoming very fluid…

Other news

11:11 the project with Mathieu Autin and Gabriel Geurin, we’ll soon bring out an EP- watch this space but we hope to get it to you soon so you’ll be able to make it into your summer hit!!!

Watch this space!

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Have a good week.