One Year On, There’s No Devils at All, it’s Just the System

One Year On, There’s No Devils at All, it’s Just the System

One year on, there’s no devils at all it’s just the system… sad to say or happy in the knowledge that maybe there is nothing to change. Maybe the only thing you can change is yourself. And even that is difficult. The most difficult.

A voice crying out in the darkness or having a laugh to yourself. Take pleasure in small things. Sometimes being that voice can bring the voice to others. It is so small what I do, a couple of lines scribbled in a notebook, I snatch a passing thought, a half mumbled word, half formed ideas.

It’s not big enough I know. It should perhaps be bigger. The universe is a big place. What is hot air on a microphone?

No answer.

No answer.

Lost Song Video

From Zarboth Lost Song video
From Zarboth Lost Song video- click on image to link to video

Here is a video made with help from a lot of people (with the help of the audio visual school Lycée Marise Bastié Formation AVN 87 and the association Toutazimut, of Constance Social Club, of the association Émile a une vache and of Télé Millevaches, and with a lot of help from the village of Faux-la-Montagne (Fake the Mountain in English)). All of the people who helped with this video can be found in the information under the video on youtube.

It was a great experience for all of us and I really enjoyed it. I did the storyboard and you can see some of it below. As a result I found myself in the director’s chair and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Well, actually, enjoyment is not really the correct word.

storyboard page 1photo-2







It was a pretty intense experience, I think they will make a “making of” film but I don’t know if it will be on the web or in the real world… But when you think of all the work for a modest little film… the mind boggles.

End of Tour de France

So Zarboth are going on their final leg of their tour of France on Wednesday.

You can see where they are playing here

If you like this video, please don’t hesitate to share it or email it. We are completely independent, underground artists here. Algorithms are holding us back…

Other news to follow…

I will speak about La France in a later post.

Keep on keeping on.



To Dream You Have To Rest

To Dream You Have to Rest To Dream You Have To Rest, and last week I was resting on holiday- a short break with my family.

We packed in lots of activity on the short holiday and it was really great fun. In Ireland we say a change is as good as a rest and that is so true.

When you make art it is really easy to get into a rut.

You noticed, of course, that I didn’t do my weekly post… That was because I was taking a digital break as well.

So I’m trying out lots of new things at the moment, new approaches to writing, to drawing and to playing music. More on that very soon…


There are lots of dates with groups and different activities coming up. When I get confirmation on all of that I will announce them soon. Also there will soon be a “virtual album launch”… Watch this space…

Cover art

The image above is the image of three characters, three dream characters, I did it a good few months ago.

You can find all of these images here at this link.

Not much to say this weekend

I don’t really have much to say, its more work in progress at the moment…

Have a good week and make something!




Failing to Fail

Resurrection of Lazarus Failing to Fail
Resurrection of Lazarus, by Duccio di Buoninsegna, circa 1308.

Failing to fail.

Making art? There are parts that you can talk about and there are parts that you cannot talk about.

It’s nice to think about artists that make only art but in my experience artists have to do many different things.

I read a quote today, Monday, 11 January 2016:

“I’m a writer … I really wouldn’t like to make singing a full-time occupation.” David Bowie, Melody Maker, 1969

This is something that I think is important when you are an artist.

To experiment with many different things.

Inspirations come from differerent places.

Blackstarskull Failing to Fail
Drawn on 11th January 2016

Here is a drawing I did earlier today… Bowie is interesting as an artist in all the ways that he stole… (“Good artists copy, great artists steal” Picasso)

Bowie is an example of that type of artist that takes his ideas from everywhere and everything. On his last album Blackstar, he has one tune based on a 17th century play, another that uses elements of nasdat (Anthony Burgess) and perhaps namechecks 1984 (Chestnut Café). He claimed that he was inspired by Kanye West and Deathgrips for this album.

That’s Bowie.

But you know what ?

Everyone should do that. Everybody can do that.

In the video for Lazarus (the story about a man who was ressurected from the dead by Jesus, the reason why the Sanhedrin decided that Jesus had to die…) you can see Bowie writing, almost like a Buster Keaton actor (Bowie began as a mime artist) and underneath the table, there is a woman.

I wondered about the woman. She reminds me of the muse. She makes Bowie do what she wants at certain moments. You can feel time is running out and Bowie is acting the writer who is looking for inspiration.

He is like an old fashioned actor. In the old way when we looked for inspiration, we expected it to come from elsewhere.We asked the Muses to give us inspiration.

So during this month I’ll try and explain some of the ways I get inspiration. Also there are very different cultural approaches to the ideas of originality.

On this day when everyone is saluting and celebrating an artist it is interesting to look at what it is that he did that you can do : take risks, experiment, wear masks.

Derniere Importation Failing to Fail
Derniere Importation

On the 28th of January 2016, I’ll be doing a concert with 11:11. Before that with the group I’ll be creating a visual identity for the concert, maybe for the group… I’ll show you the work in progress as the month progresses…

I don’t really know but we’ll be making it.

The concert is in Mains d’Oeuvres in St. Ouen. Hope you can come and see the end result…