Zarboth on the radio and on the road

The group I play with Zarboth are on tour in Britanny this week. If you or any of your friends live near these places, please come and see us.

Le 8 mai, le Héron Carré à Anger. CANCELLED: Weather conditions

Le 9 mai, Oan’s Pubb, à Rennes.

Le 10 mai, Le Galion, à Lorient.

Le 11 mai, aux Anges, à Guern.

And here we are (or rather here is the drummer) on the radio – France Culture no less! This is a 5 minute long podcast and its in French. Enjoy!

Zarboth teaser

All of Zarboth in one place

Zarboth ✦ Nouяiture ✦ Coudasse // L’International

Picture by Alice Fumey

A link below to a teaser showing what Zarboth is like live- but remember no video or record can ever replace the sweat and liveliness of a rock group in front of you. Unless of course you are in the rock group.

Zarboth teaser

Here is the Zarboth album for your listening pleasure

We will be playing next on Thursday 21st March 2019 in L’International Bar, 5 Rue Moret 75011 Paris, – here is a link to the Facebook event :

And here is the link to our last “album”

And here is our beautiful website where you can learn even more about us:

All you need to do now is come and see Zarboth live!

Taking part in an art show

Dites Le Avec de l’Art

Pleased to tell you that I’ll be taking part in a group show called Dites Le Avec de l’Art from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th February 2019.

Its in the Galerie Epatée in Paris 20th. There are eight artists in all and we are all working on the theme of Saint Valentine’s Day. Here are the eight artists participating:

Hope to see you there! Here is a link to the FB event