Performance Art at The Meta-perception Club

ClearyConnolly_2015I’ll be doing a performance piece around the theme of perception in the Centre Culturel Irlandais in Paris this Thursday 5th February, free entry, lots of performances in different forms by different artists, and especially the amazing work by Cleary Connolly which you can see all night long…/ Je ferais une performance autour du thème de la perception ce jeudi 5 février au Centre Culturel Irlandais à Paris, l’entrée est gratuite et il y a plusieurs performances par plusieurs artistes, dans des formes différentes. Il y a surtout le magnifique travail de Cleary Connolly que vous pouvez découvrir toute la soirée… /

4¼ – immersive theatre show with Cinémorphe


On Tuesday 27th January 2015 in Ciné 13 in Paris I’ll be acting with the Cinémorphe troupe. I’ve already worked with them on an immersive theatre piece called Distant Music based on Joyce’s The Dead. That was in December 2013.
Now it is January 2015… This piece is based on Fellini’s famous film 8½ and is happening in 1962. It takes place in the Ciné13 in Abbesses in Paris. One of the great things about Cinémorphe pieces is that you get to explore really interesting places. It is a whole event. You walk around, things happen, it as if you could walk around inside a book or a film. If you come to walk around this one, please dress in black and white.
Prepare yourself for a really interesting evening (well I would say that wouldn’t I?) with a great group of actors. It is both in English and in French.
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