I am very irregular. Instead nearly everyday I put up a drawing on Instagram – you can see my account here on Instagram
From there I share to other platforms. I enjoy doing it, it’s like a fake deadline or an obligation. I will collect all the drawings by themes and make a book. 

However I wonder about who really benefits from this “sharing” … I don’t know if I have learned anything from the experience. I can see that people like some images more than others but it doesn’t tell me that those are the best images …

Certain images look good on certain social platforms. Also a certain type of art seems to be very popular. I have no answers to these questions, these are simply remarks.  

The images I share at the moment of a fox that is partly human are clearly autobiographical. And yet it is not me. Clearly it is not me. 

Still people persist in thinking that because I draw foxes at the moment I am a fox… 

Part of the reason I draw is to preserve a moment and also to escape a moment. The fox is just one in a long line of escape techniques. 

Escape into dreams … 

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  1. Good point about not knowing what makes some images more popular than others. I suspect there are a variety of reasons. Actually had a good conversation this morning with students on the blurring of lines between different social media sites!

    Also, what are you personally hoping to get out of your work? It could be an interesting question to try to answer.

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