Busy busy busy in the bus

Busy busy busy in the bus

In the bus with Zarboth

Touring with Zarboth (Phil Reptil and Etienne Gaillochet) at the moment

Having some very funny times and conversations.

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Driving in the bus, the three of us, the return conversation from the Smöll Festivöll, was around the idea of the uniformisation of cultural projects and the difficulty to be original in today’s world, when everybody already knows what they want… Although for most of that conversation the drummer was sound asleep…

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We play at the weekends and then during the week we do our day jobs, spend time with our family and friends. This is a great experience for all of us. We’re doing this as independent artists. We’re meeting great people from all over France. It’s all in the middle now so I’ll come back and talk about it more.

We meet the organisers, different teams that help set up the concerts, different rooms, different publics, other musicians.

It is a great time to play music.

Not only that but we get to see different parts of France. Wines, local products, different ways of doing things, different expressions and words.

We get better

And of course, the music is getting better and better- and I’m saying that as objectively as I can! But the songs are now like really comfortable clothes that you put on. Even though some people might find Zarboth’s music strange, it is really becoming very fluid…

Other news

11:11 the project with Mathieu Autin and Gabriel Geurin, we’ll soon bring out an EP- watch this space but we hope to get it to you soon so you’ll be able to make it into your summer hit!!!

Watch this space!

go to http://zarboth.com/ to know about dates…

and as always if you want to listen to or buy the album:


Have a good week.

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