Back Again but Gone

zarboth flyer 14 may 2016


Back Again but Gone again almost as quickly…

Busy, busy, busy.

Things are very busy right now and two weeks now have come around and I posted nothing. Mea culpa!

So sorry about that. The reasons for this busy-ness will now be a little more obvious. A tour with Zarboth, tracks coming to completion with 11:11, and also just life in general… Life calling out to be lived! Life away from the computer screen and away from the cyber shine.

On the road…

Tomorrow I’m going on tour with Zarboth. We’re all really looking forward to getting out there and bringing this new album on the road.

Here is our tour:

Zarboth on the road ★
:: 03.05 :: L’Usine, Geneve (ch) – w/ White Wine Music
:: 04.05 :: La Source Fontaine (38) – w/ Pixvae
:: 05.05 :: Le Brinc de Zinc – Chambéry (73) – w/ we are the incredible noise
:: 06.05 :: Le Saint-Antoine,macon (71)
:: 14.05 :: L’Alimentation Générale – Paris (75)
:: 20.05 :: Smöll Festivöl – Saint Lumine de Clisson (44)
:: 01.06 :: Le Conseil Général – Tulle (19) – w/ Diallèle
:: 02.06 :: Le Magasin Général – Tarnac (19)
:: 03.06 :: L’Atelier Royère de Vassivière (23)
:: 04.06 :: Le Café du Commerce – Treignac (19)

Zarboth playing live:

Keep in Touch

I’ll try to keep you informed of life on the road with Zarboth- but make sure to get in touch with us! If you know anybody who lives in those areas and who you think would like our show, get in touch! We like to share our music.

Reverse Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding really seems to be the choice for everybody that wants to bring an original idea into existence.

In Zarboth it’s a little different. The album already exists (containing artwork by yours truly) but we still really need to sell as many as possible.

You can get your copy here, or you can get a copy for someone else…

This is independent music, we need your help to exist…

Another star gone

I was a big fan of Prince. I was really surprised to see him disappear so suddenly. Listening to all his music, I went back to that time, when I discovered his music for the first time.

I admire the choices he made about music and independent production.

Try and see as much live music as you can!

This post is full of Zarboth! I am bringing together all the things I need for my journey!

Drawn on 11th January 2016

The Power of the Word

I always love watching the words you write as they become songs. Then they are recorded and then the words carry you to different places. Then when you stop playing them the things that you make stop existing. Then you make a recording. Now, when someone listens to the recording, or reads the text, or looks at the image, it comes back to life. A sort of life.

Deep concentration (sleep)
Deep concentration (sleep)


Words, words, words



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